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Building an economic case for child protection reform

The focus of this chapter of Realising children’s rights through supporting parents is the economic argument. In Andy Bilson’s chapter, he sets …
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In our own words: Systemic inquiry into the lived experience of children and young people in the Victorian out-of-home care system

Too many of children and young people felt lost in an overstretched and chaotic care system. Many experienced the stress …
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Exploring outcomes for young people who have experienced out-of-home care

Three cohorts of children born between 1 January 1990 and 30 June 1995 were followed until the 30 June 2013 …
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Partnering with parents: Promising approaches to improve reunification outcomes for children in foster care.

Study of parent partner program finding “reunification was more than four times as likely to occur for Parent Partner families …
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Losing children to foster care endangers mothers’ lives

This paper shows high rates of deaths of mothers whose children have been taken into care in Canada and calls …
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How do parent partner programs instil hope and support prevention and reunification?

This paper from Casey Foundation gives a briefing on Parent Partners (also known as parent advocacy) and answers the question …
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